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Kate Bishop. The girl saving Clint's butt from screwing things up day in and day out. I was reluctant at first, but I won't be giving up the name Hawkeye any time soon. Can't say I'm too keen on apologizing for the confusion, either. [[Independent Kate Bishop rp account || Formerly shutupclint]]


"This is Kate Bishop. She is without a doubt the finest and most gifted bowman I’ve ever met but she’s like nine years old and spoiled rotten.

She’s pretty great.”

small update on stuff and my absence under the cut

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"Judging by the way you aimed. Hot pants here, has to say were trying."

As the arrow curved in the air, Kate threw him a look that dripped with her lack of consternation. She didn’t even bother to look as the arrow completely turned around and hit it’s mark. “You were saying?”



"Hey, nothing wrong with having a dog as your friend," Jason teased lightly. "Considering that, I’m actually honored by the title. Hell, I don’t even think I deserve it.” He rested a hand on his hip and laughed. ”Anytime, huh? I’m gonna hold you to that.”


"Guess they don’t really need it—more heads popping up all the time, it’d be difficult to keep track of them all." Jason looked down at his jacket and tugged at the sides. "Wow, I can feel my self-esteem repairing itself as we speak. In that case, I might as well stick with what works, yeah?" 

Kate rolled her eyes so hard her head practically rolled with it. “Sure, okay, we’ll go with that. I’ll let you hold onto that honor. Consider it a freebie. And yes, but you’re going to have to find a way to contact me if you want me to hold up my end of the bargain, and I’m not going to make that incredibly easy for you.”

"Yes, when you’ve got something good going, you want to stick with it. God knows the whole world lost it’s mind when Dazzler came back with a different look. Better to just stay with what you know works."



"Much appreciated." Loki takes a moment to copy the information into the phone. He turns around, not facing Kate, and holds out his phone. "Smile!"


The phone flashes.

Kate’s eyebrows quirk for a second before she realizes what he’s doing. Reacting quickly, her features morph into a ridiculous face to pop up in the background of the young god’s picture. 


Just as soon as the flash goes off, her face goes back to normal as she laughs. “I hope to see that on your instagram just as soon as I go to follow back.”

Okay so apparently tumblr is now just displaying inline images as full size up to 750px. I’m going to try to find a work-around to limit the display size, but for the time being, my reaction shots will be large on the dashboard. I’m really sorry v.v but I use those shots for a more than rping and I just really don’t have the time to go and recrop all 800 I have for Kate and 300 I have for Helena


They’re shy, I guess? You can blame Roy for that one. She may not have the ability that matches Impulse, but still very impressive. How long have you been an archer, Hawkeye?


Oh don’t worry, the thought never crossed my mind that she wasn’t impressive. I also don’t know who Roy is, but you should probably sit him down and discuss proper hero-naming techniques with him.


I picked up my bow probably a good six years ago. I’m good with some other weapons, but this one felt natural. You?

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Isn’t there a number in the image’s url (when you click html) at the very end before .png or .jpg? I usually change that to 100 or whatever size I need and it usually works. I haven’t tried it lately. Or just go to html and after .jpg or .png add width=100 to make it look something like: img src=” url here . png ” width= “100”

((See, that’s what I’ve always done, and now even though I’m adding width=”125” (what used to be the default dash width for pictures) into the html, they show up on the dash as original size. In the reblog window and on my actual page the html coding works, though.))

The freaking dash won’t let me constrict my reaction shots to icon size anymore and I’m…. very seriously not thrilled about this. I use my reaction shots to make photosets so I’m not (and never have been) keen on actually making the files 100px x 100px

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