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Kate Bishop. The girl saving Clint's butt from screwing things up day in and day out. I was reluctant at first, but I won't be giving up the name Hawkeye any time soon. Can't say I'm too keen on apologizing for the confusion, either. [[Independent Kate Bishop rp account || Formerly shutupclint]]

If I were to make an IC kik so I can still rp during my super long moving process, would anyone be interested?

Super huge thanks to everyone for being patient and sticking with me through my move. I’ve got two days to pack and a couple really painful goodbyes left before three long days of driving out to a state that isn’t looking at snow in April. Basically, I’ll be back soon. Promise.



      [Tony chuckles, leaning against the railing across from her as he tilts his head and tucks his hands into his pockets. It’s good to not be the only one who doesn’t want to be here.]
         Why thank you. Your trust is well placed, believe me.

<Part of her hated all of those big events. Sure, she loved getting all dressed up, and damn if she wasn’t good at acting prim and perfect for the cameras, but all the eyes, all the judgement, and most of all, all the damn snooty, boring people she just did not get along with. Tonight, it wasn’t her idea of a good night.>

We don’t need to cover our asses any more than we just did, do we?

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"I’m sure none of them are as bad as some of Mr. Summer’s outfits I’ve seen. Or the original X-Men’s uniforms. They all had funky headgear and I so would not be caught dead covering my face the way they had to. At least I got to wear what I wanted. Noriko Ashida, but call me Nori."

Was she being friendly now? Maybe. She’d determined the girl was tough and wasn’t gonna be afraid to sass her back. Maybe they could be friends.

"You know, I bet if someone took all of those costumes and put them all in one public place, they could make a pretty damn profitable museum. Find some pictures of the team in them. Unless Logan’s destroyed them all. I’ve met the dude. It seems like something he’d do."

The tension between the two seemed to Kate to be melting, and with it, so did her brash exterior.

Reminder to my followers about my absence: I’m moving cross-country in a week and a half. Right now there’s… a lot of stress, and I can’t promise quality replies most nights because of that. I’m really sorry to the people I owe.



I typically do not do these, but due to the increased attention that Tadd has been getting lately, I feel like it’s time for me to do this. Full disclosure, I am very forgetful. Essentially, this is my way of trying to say that I may forget people, but I love each and every one of you. You’re all amazing roleplayers, and I’m happy to still be here. I’m happy this little creation of mine that I made because a few friends here requested Avengers Academy OC’s has become popular and liked. This has been one of the best accounts I’ve started, and one of the best OC’s I’ve come up with. Thank you all so much. So, without further ado, here’s the follow forever.

(Note: If you have multiple accounts, I might not list all of them.)

THE HALL OF FAME: These few are the people who have dealt with my bullshit OOC and have become some of my closet friends. Not saying the rest of you aren’t, but these few are really close friends of mine. They’re my special mentions. Love ‘em.

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Chances are that if you’re on here and have no idea who this is, I’m following you from another account and think you need to be on here. You’re all lovely people, and I hope this lets you know that while we may not interact, I do in fact read your writing and enjoy it. This is my personal list of interpretations on tumblr. Thank you all for being online, interacting with me, and generally being flawless.

- J

Disclaimer: I may add to this from time to time. Also, if you’re not on this, it doesn’t mean I do not like you. I’m forgetful, and always am willing to interact if you hit up my askbox or have me on skype.

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I only have 170 of you guys (Which I’m not sure why but I do.) But I wanted to do the thing to show I love you guys. Okay?

Nothing too fancy here though. If I forget someone I’m sorry.


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Julian smiled as their guests all yelled in celebration already mingling and awaiting the music.

"Damn, that was a pretty good speech for something made on the spot."

He laughed and noticed their hired DJ finally arrived and was setting up his laptop.

"Looks like we’re in for a good party."

Kate clicked off the mic with a proud smirk. A quirk of her eyebrows acknowledged the compliment.

"What can I say? It’s my superpower."

Her eyes glanced over to the dj booth as she replaced the microphone on it’s stand, her fist extended in his direction for a fist bump.

"I think you and I make a pretty good team."



      [With a last nod in someone’s direction, he leads Kate into the lift and hits the button once she joins him. Releasing a sigh, he loosens his tie and undoes a couple of buttons, hitting the button for the ground floor.]
            So, burgers sound good to  you? I know a place near here that does great food. Great fries, too.

<Kate slumps against the elevator wall as soon as the doors slide close and tosses a grin over in his direction. Not the hardest retreat she’s ever made, but probably the one with the biggest payoff. >

I can’t imagine anything sounding better. I’m trusting your judgement on this one.



Sounds like a blast. Not quite sure if I can drink coffee though. My… previous version wasn’t a huge fan. I remember loving it as an adult. But then again, that was a different me. This whole identity thing is a mess to deal with.

But bacon. I will always love bacon.

Shame. You really don’t know what you’re missing out on. Was previous version, little, slightly-more-punchable-face you? Can you blame a kid for not liking coffee? 

Bacon’s a good one, but coffee’s the beautiful nectar of the gods.

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